Monday, July 21, 2014

WIP: The last termigants I will paint. Ever.

I don't care if GW rewrites the codex, and fleshborers become S10 AP1, I'm never painting another gant as long as I live.

Nabbed these four gants in a trade to make my last brood an even number, and was immediately reminded why I stopped painting the things. It's mind numbing, painting the same model over and over and over.

On the upside, my OCD will be satisfied, being able to field broods of an even twenty.

The models are assembled and the tails are curled using a hair dryer and my fingers. The tails are molded straight for technical reasons, and I think they look a bit silly, so I curl them. Every. Single. One.

I applied a coat of vallejo grey primer with my airbrush.

I then applied a base coat of vallejo bone white with my airbrush.

I airbrushed GW steel legion drab on the bases. A little overspray on the legs is OK, as it will be hidden by the wash applied later.

I brush painted vallejo dark flesh on all the exposed muscles.

I created a 1:1 mix of GW lehmian medium and GW agrax earthsade and brushed it over the body of the model.

I painted the poisonous areas and tubes with vallejo scorpion green.

I painted the claws and fleshborer with vallejo cold grey.

I then applied GW astrogranite to the bases.

When the technical paint on the base was dry, I applied a wash of GW nuln oil to all the grey areas. When the wash dried, I highlighted the claws and base with vallejo cold grey and a mix of cold grey and white. I also applied GW biel tan green shade to the poison areas.

As that was was drying, I applied a layer of vallejo black to the carapace, and created the mottling pattern along the tops of the arms, and tails. I also applied a wash of GW nuln oil to the mouths.

Next, I feathered the carapace edges with vallejo hex purple.

I then feathered the edges further with a mix of hex purple and white.

I painted the teeth white.

Lastly, I applied a coat of satin varnish with the airbrush and then brush painted GW 'ardcoat on the mouths, and poison areas to create a wet look.

And THAT is how I paint gants. Good riddance.



  1. I'm looking at those tails on the sprue (google search), and there's really no reason whatsoever that they couldn't add some curve to them. Just laziness.

    1. yeah, they curve many of the tails on the new models, like the hive guard, but these older tools definitely played it safe.

  2. Great work. The most depressing thing about painting termagaunts is the same thing about painting ork matter how much you paint, you always seem to need more. Makes me want to play a terminator army.

    1. As you may be able to tell from my ridiculously slow progress on my Grey Knights, that isn't necessarily a faster option. Crazy amount of details to plow through.

    2. Very true. I guess we are our own worst enemy when it comes to the time it takes to paint models to our own standards :).

  3. OMG! You are insane. Having said that, they are absolutely superb and I'm deeply envious. Thank God Tervigon spam is a thing of the past and we don't need to paint hundreds of gaunts only to have the bastard things poop out in turn 1. 'Never say never' on painting gaunts though. Have you got enough Devilgaunts? Are you absolutely sure? Huh? Huh!?