Monday, March 24, 2014

REVIEW: GW Technical Paint, Nihilakh Oxide

We try one of the new GW technical paints to see if the results really are worth the purchase.

Dieter lead the charge, and did a complete write up on modelmates rust effect, so the last time I was at the local GW shop, I grabbed a bottle of the new technical paint; Nihilakh Oxide. I was interested to try their new technical line, and had the perfect model to experiment on... the statue from the Honored Imperium box.

I was pretty happy with the way this statue looked already. I aged it using Biel-tan green wash, and felt the weathering was suitable enough. The paint job highlights the sculptural details, and doesn't look flat or uninteresting. But I was curious to see how far the new paints would push the look.

I applied the Nihilakh Oxide with a medium brush evenly over the model. It had a very watery consistency, much like their washes, or "shades". It spread over the model easily, and settled into the cracks and recesses quickly.

Frankly, that's all there was to it. I did use a little water on the brush to wipe the top surfaces clean, and used a dry brush to sop up some of the excess where it pooled, but that was it.

The effect is relatively realistic, and when applied over an already washed  and dry-brushed coat of bronze, really takes on a life of its own. When you compare this to the original photo above, you can see that my initial weathering job with the Biel-tan shade was much too subtle.

I generally stay away from GW paints and products, but have to admit that this technical paint delivered an easy and realistic effect to the statue. Highly recommended.



  1. Cool man, that definitely looks good. I bought some of the rust paint at GW this weekend. It's VERY orange, but a little drybrush dabbing on top of the Modelmates stuff helped it pop. Not going to bother with the blood stuff, but these two could be useful.

  2. we should do a side by side comparison of the rusts. bring the GW stuff by, and I'll try it on my dreadnought.

  3. What was the base copper color you used?

    1. it was cheap art store craft paint! I mixed it with thinner and sprayed it thru an air brush.