Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WIP: Grey Knights

I've neglected these guys long enough!  Time to dust of my metallic paint bottles and get back to work on my second army.

I was plugging away pretty well on all these guys until mid way through December and I just ran out of steam.  There's a ton of really fiddly detail work on Grey Knights that I don't face on my Tau stuff, so I got a little tired of seeing the same models on the table in front of me.

At some point, I'm going to have to focus on one individual squad or model and just finish them off, but for now I was just happy to get back to work on them, and was rather ADD about bouncing back and forth between models. Probably the one that's furthest along is the Dreadnought. It's missing something though, and I can't really decide what it is.  There's a lot of flat areas on him, and that perhaps makes him feel like he lacks definition?  I dunno.  Better now with some wash on him, but not where I want him to be.  You probably can't see in this picture, but I went back over the rust from my Modelmates Rust review with a little rust from the GW technical paint line.  It's a really dry paint, and very orange, but it adds just a nice little pop of color on to that rust that really makes it stand out. I'll probably do an update after Trip and I play with it a little more.

Conga line!         My first freehand work

The Terminators are coming along well now.  I was having the same feeling of missing something on these too, but once I threw a black oil wash on they jammed forward pretty well.  I've gone back through and done some steel edging on a couple of them and that's really looking good. The Scibor commander is still a ways off, but gives me a little something different when I get bored.  I'm finally getting to some tough freehand work- really trying to challenge myself with mixed results.  The Terminator shoulder pads came out...OK.  The skulls are pretty unremarkable and the swords are 1 for 3 being centered properly.  The commander's cape though, is off to a nice start and I'm excited about where that might go. Maybe not pro level yet, but heading in the right direction.  I'm planning on something similar to Castellan Crowe's cape from the GK Codex, so lots more to do.

I'm going to have to break out the airbrush and do the force weapons on the Dreadnought and commander, so I might just go back and redo the terminator's weapons too while I'm at it.  Really not happy with that lightning, and I think I can do much better now, even though it's just 3 months later.

Thunder and chunky lightning

What's everyone else working on? Anyone else blogging a project?

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