Monday, March 3, 2014

WIP: 2,000 pt Tau army - February Update

A slow month for my Tau army in February. Pics after the break.

Work continues on my mega-painters challenge, but due to multiple projects, progress was slow. I was able to wrap up a few loose ends, however.

I completed long strike, and mounted him in the hammerhead cupola. I also magnetized the weapon mount so that I could take either the Ion cannon or the Railgun.

I also put the finishing touches on my two Crisis Bodyguards. I decided to paint these guys a stand out color because of their job. As mentioned in the previous post, I added additional armor on their shoulders, armored collars, and shortened their necks to give them a brawler/boxer feel.

Now I just need to paint a HQ for them to guard!

That's it for the February recap. Remaining, I have 3 Crisis suits, 2 Broadsides, an Ethereal Conversion, and Darkstrider to complete everything I bought last summer. (Although, I think I'll simply sell Darkstrider on eBay, as I'm not interested in fielding him over Cadre Fireblade, the Ethereal or a Crisis Commander)



  1. Looking good man! Any particular reason for the burst cannons with the missile pods?

  2. All the weapons are magnetized, so I just slapped on what I had painted.

  3. Does Longstrike come with a turret or do you just glue the hatch open? (superb paintjob btw)

  4. no- Longstrike just comes as a solo finecast figure. If your tank commander is already glued into your turret, you'll have to buy a separate one from a bitz dealer or ebay.