Friday, March 14, 2014

SHOWCASE: Space Marines Sgt. Telion

The greatest friend a quad gun ever had. Pics after the break.

I painted Sgt. Telion for my chapter, The Sons of Titan, long before the new codex came out. I modified his color scheme from the default Ultramarines palette, and shaved off all the Omegas on his armor so he'd match my force. Pre 6th edition Space Marine codex, you could bring named characters from any chapter to your army, and use them as your own hero with the same stat line. Of course, all that's changed now, and if I want to bring Telion, I have to run my chapter as an Ultramarines successor.

He's actually the first finecast I ever assembled and painted, and he went together without any real issues. I wish the pose was a little more dynamic, but I understand that he's a holdover from the old style metal miniatures, where the poses were dictated by ease of molding.

In the very first game I fielded him in, he took down a zooming Storm Raven gunship with a single shot through the canopy into the pilot's head. A series of consecutive 6's lead to an epic crash that damaged the dreadnought attached to the transport cradle, and wounded almost half the tactical squad that was being carried inside. The store erupted in cheers and howls of disbelief as I rolled six after six, destroying over 300 points worth of enemies with a single 50 point model.

Most recently, after reading an article on Bell of Lost Souls, I've started taking him with an Aegis defense line with quad gun. His BS6 in combination with the gun's skyfire and interceptor - coupled with a 2+ cover save behind the Aegis - makes for a ruthless shooting attack that delivers results every turn, and is damn near impossible to root out.

So here's to the old man! May the Sean Connery of space smite his toothpick chewing foes with the thumb of vengeance!



  1. Such a good Sarge. Such a bad enemy. I just wish Darkstrider was a Sergeant upgrade instead of an HQ choice.

  2. I agree, Enigma. Odd that he's not just an upgrade.