Monday, March 17, 2014

WIP: Space Marine Tactical Squad

More progress on my most recent tactical squad. Pics and details after the jump.

Let's be honest, it's a miracle I did ANY painting this week, considering TITANFALL launched last tuesday. But, I found myself with a few hours on sunday afternoon, and I decided I had punched enough guys into salsa with my giant robot, and worked on my tac squad instead.

Readers will remember them from THIS post a few weeks ago. I decided to paint them as an addition to my main force, The Sons of Titan, instead of some of my other choices. In the image above, I've applied the base colors, and will prep them for washes with a satin varnish.

The Sargent is coming along nicely. I'm really excited about this guy. Always wanted a double plasma pistol guy - points cost be damned! Really like the billowing tabbard. I've never modeled the melta bombs directly on a model before. I always bring them with the squads, though.

I'm really proud of the way the head turned out. It doesn't show up well in these cell phone photos, but when I shoot the high-end studio stuff for the showcase later, you'll be able to see the detail. It's a half cyborg head from one of the older sprues. I think I spent a few hours getting the shades and highlights down.

I'll finish these guys and post a showcase sometime next week.

What are you working on? Have a recent addition to your space marine force you want to share?



  1. Your Tactical Squad is looking good! What do you have Titanfall for PC or Xbox 1?

  2. I don't know about that flying loin cloth thing, man. Just seems really unnatural.

  3. nonsense! it's "epically dramatic"!

  4. Sweet same here . Gamertag should be same as here

  5. Dramatic and about a foot too long. He'd be tripping all over that thing if his explosive flatulence didn't blow it forward