Monday, June 16, 2014

WIP: Space Marine Librarian

Work progressed quickly on my space marine librarian! Pics after the break.

Having finished my biovores and carnifexes, I set about working on my Librarian--  and he painted up much faster than I anticipated! I kit-bashed a new weapon and jump pack for him last week, and over a few hours this weekend, made rapid progress.

I primed the model black using vallejo polyurethane primer.

I then applied vallejo gory red to the robe areas.

Once the red base was applied, I airbrushed a mix of red and orange to create overall highlights, and then used a brush to apply shadow washes and detail highlights.

Here's the jump pack before I applied the washes and added detail highlighting. I kept the jump pack separate to make painting easier.

I simply need to finish the face and attach the jump pack, and he'll be ready to base. Definitely finishing this guy up this week.



  1. Did not expect that color inversion at all as I expected the typical red armor. Looks good though. And is probably a good call since now that I imagine it, a black hood over red armor would look pretty bad and mismatched.

    Will there be any blue on his gauntlet or shoulder, or will this be one of more hardcore FW-style chapters who don't really color code their librarians, chaplains, and apothecaries?

    1. I've decided not to use any blue on his shoulder pauldrons, unlike the rest of my chapter. I wanted him to stand out from the rest of the army visually, but also have his coloring be an immediate signal that he's different, separate - not fully welcomed by the other marines because of his dangerous psychic powers.

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