Monday, June 9, 2014

WIP: Various Projects pt.2

More progress over the weekend on multiple projects.

Finished my 'fexes! Really happy to have these guys done, and pleased with the way they came out considering how bad the kit is. REALLY wish GW had redone the molds like they did with the new warrior kit. I'll post a showcase soon.

Some more progress on the biovores, as I base coated the carapaces and the bio-cannons. I'll definitely wrap these up this week, and will be able to field them next weekend! Two whole new units to field with these and the carnifexes! w00t!

Good progress on the tactical squad. I've painted all the base colors on all the heavy weapons options, now I just need to clear coat and oil wash them to finish. (and completely paint 3 more regular bolter marines to round out the squad - sigh)

Lastly, more work on my librarian! Deet has the same model, so I wanted to do something to set mine apart - checked the codex entry and realized I can give him a jump pack! As mentioned last post, I hate the sword, and the angle he's holding it at, so I chopped it off and put a force axe there instead!

I lopped the arm off under the should pad, fit a chainsword arm to it, cut off the chainsword and then took the power axe handle from an assault arm. (if the stupid power axe arm had been a left arm, it would have saved me a ton of trouble...) Finally, I used the left over power axe head from the Lord Executioner I converted to a thunder hammer Captain! You can see how I pinned it below.

I am straight-up STOKED about how this guy is turning out. Tune in next time to see how he's coming along, and leave your comments below.


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  1. Yeah, ours are going to look pretty different. Mine's got the big GK Librarian book-on-a-stick coming out of his backpack, plus the greenstuffed emblem on his chest, and the Scibor base. We need to get a game in!