Friday, June 27, 2014

WIP: Space Marine Rhino/Razorback complete (mostly)

Well, that wrapped up quickly! My second tank is nearly finished.

After rapidly applying the primer and preshade, the base color went on. Notice how the preshade shows through the base coat, creating additional shadows to define the model, and make the surface more interesting.

I had to mask the tank for my color stripe I used simple masking tape, but ran it over my jeans a few times before applying it, to make sure there wasn't too much tack. Because I used airbrush polyurethane primer, there is the chance that the tape will pull off the paint when it is removed!

Here I've finished the stripe (including a shadow pass while the mask was on). Notice that despite my efforts, the tape DID pull off some of the base and primer near the front fender. No worries though - I just covered it with mud! I then did a wash and highlight pass, as seen in the header image. I just need to finish the large rear hatch, and it will be complete.

I like to use both tanks as Rhinos or Razorbacks. A smarter man would have magnetized the whole upper hatch assembly to be switched out, but truthfully, I don't like the look of the large cargo doors on the top of the Rhino.

I've glued in the razorback panel on both tanks, and will simply swap in a large, circular hatch I'm having made on the laser cutter at work. (spoiled, I know)


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  1. Looks great. Love the weathering and highlight/shades on it. Lot of work!