Monday, December 1, 2014

What do you watch when hobbying?

My iPad is my constant companion when hobbying. What do you watch when working on your favorite models?

Hobbying is a bit therapeutic for me. I enjoy the zen-like quietness of it. The slow, gradual building of something. BUT, on occasion, (like assembling and painting 50 of the same model to make a termigant swarm) it can be mind numbingly boring.

Enter the iPad! Thanks to streaming services like netflix and HBO GO, I have a nearly endless library of film and television to play in the background while I build tiny ruthless killers.

I find that I often watch something I've seen before, so that I can concentrate visually on the models before me, allowing the film or show play out like an audio drama. Classic stand-bys in this category would be Star Trek in its many incarnations (save for Voyager and Enterprise - yuck)

Or older, American sitcoms that I grew up on. As an adult, I'm finding new appreciation for Cheers! The writing is smart, funny and almost all the jokes are verbal, so it does play like a radio drama.

Having recently been turned on to it, I do watch a little Doctor Who. But, as I've never seen the episodes, and the show is very visual, I find myself watching the screen more than modeling - not very productive!

Occasionally though, I just fall back on a few films that I've seen dozens and dozens of times. Entertainment that is like a well worn pair of favorite jeans. The cinematic equivalent of "comfort food". Comedies like Tommy Boy, or Ace Ventura. 80's action flicks like Predator, or Lethal Weapon.

Do you have something on in the background while you hobby? Have any favorites? Recommendations? Sound off in the comments below!



  1. I usually throw up battle reports from miniwargaming, because they are generally over an hour in length. That and pod casts are great avenues for listening to things while painting.

    1. I enjoy Matt's batreps from miniwargaming as well.

  2. I have been watching:
    Walking Dead

    I tend to cycle through those for painting time since my only free time is between 10:00pm and 1:00am (usually starting at 11pm after I get back from the gym). So short episodes tend to work best.

    The problem with watching a movie is that I tend to get engrossed in the film and it slows down my painting, and I already paint as snail pace.

  3. Lately, just basketball or whatever the GF has on... which is not usually as awesome as basketball and tends to end with me having a Taylor Swift song stuck in my head.