Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WIP: Dreadknight pt5- Base Work

Lots of work on my Dreadknight base this week. After last week I was pretty worried about the chipping medium shown in last Friday's post, but I may be in the clear. Let's check it out.

I got a really nice chunk of hobby time in this weekend with the GF passed out following holiday festivities. After the request last week for the sculpting tutorial on my base, I decided to focus most of my time working to paint it up. It's such a quick and easy thing to paint and the results look great pretty quickly. That'll make a more proper tutorial as the sculpting is super quick. I also had a bunch of new Secret Weapon pigments to try out. Nearly the end results shown in the header image. I'll get the full tutorial up shortly. 

Secret weapon doesn't make a pigment as dark brown as what I was using before. You can see below that it doesn't quite match up with my Stormraven base color wise, but I think I like the added warmth here. Grey Knights need all the extra color they can get. I'll probably go back and warm up my existing bases a little to match this. That'll be especially important as I have no idea what brand my old pigment was or where it came from and my supply is running low. 

Anyone recognize this brand? Looking at the text at the base, I suspect this may have come from my order from some random Polish hobby site. Can't for the life of me remember the name. 

Now for the chipping. I'm sure you've all been on the edge of your seats waiting to see how this came out. Well it forced my hand as far as where to put the chips, but otherwise it's actually worked out pretty well. I've started chipping up the plain red parts just to test it out and it looks pretty good. The only negative is that with the white undercoat beneath the red, I have to chip through white AND red which means that I've got a little white highlight around all my chips. It's especially noticeable in the fine scratches. I may have to go back and clean those up. Lesson learned. 

I'm thinking I will do some freehand icons on these two tone parts so those will have to wait for chipping 'til later. 

That's the end of a pretty good hobby weekend by my standards. See you next time. 



  1. Are you just applying the chipping with a brush? Or is it like the hairspray or salting method?

    I love secret weapon pigments...a little goes a MASSIVE way. Base looking fantastic.

  2. holy shit, that base came together quickly!

  3. Base probably took 3 hours including sculpting time. Goes super fast!

    I airbrushed the chipping medium on to make sure it went on evenly. It wasn't the cleanest airbrush though, and a million other things could have been to blame for the poor result.