Monday, December 15, 2014

WIP: Land Raider - base coats

Slow and steady progress as my land raider marches toward completion.

Only managed a single half hour of hobby time this weekend - funny how holiday obligations and newly minted fatherhood will do that.

Having pre-shaded last week, I applied a light coat of vallejo cold grey with the airbrush. This allows the pre-shading to show through (very subtly) adding depth to the model. The effect isn't glaring, but will be greatly enhanced by oil washes in the recesses at a later stage.

I noticed that the back edge of the upper panel did not properly seal when I glued it. This means careful, needle point glue application and rubber banding will be necessary. SIGH.

I masked the front of the tank using tape and a rubber tool. The tool helps push the tape into all the recesses, to make sure the line is crisp. I also covered the rear of the tank using a paper towel, to prevent overspray.

I applied a layer of vallejo ultramarine blue to the front of the model. This particular paint is VERY opaque, so it is important to water it down and apply many light coats so that it doesn't cover the pre-shading instantly.

Thanks to some masking, and careful use of the airbrush, I've managed to keep the interoir clean. some of the smaller details will have to be touched up using a traditional brush.

Hopefully, next week I can finish the tracks and start on the weapons sponsons. (which reminds me, I need to get to the shop to replace that part! uhg.)



  1. I hate airbrushing blue. Airbrushing with red has spoiled me with its translucency.

    1. this blue in particular is really opaque. Very tricky.

  2. My orange is painfully transparent. This metal crap now is the opposite. Would be nice if it could be consistent, but then anyone could do this right?

  3. It's really cool to see how the preshading works, as you work on the model. Thanks for taking the time to take all these pics!