Wednesday, December 3, 2014

WIP: Nemesis Dreadknight pt.3- Now with paint!

OK, so that picture doesn't relate to the title at all, but who wants to see a bunch of silver crap on sticks in the header image? I'm super excited to get paint on this guy. Base coats done! Let's check the progress.

Painting these Grey Knights has been a bit of a pain as the metallic paints clog even my wide aperture .05 airbrush. It's extra frustrating as they're airbrush paints. I've even taken to thinning them with some Glaze Medium and it kind of helps, but not as much as I'd like. Will have to continue to mess with the ratio. I'm worried about pushing it too far and getting...well I don't know what I'd get. The Buypainted demo, coincidentally enough on his Dreadknight, is where I learned about Glaze Medium and metallics. He does say it takes the paint a really long time to dry when he uses that, but never mentions the ratio, even after repeated questions in the comments. Maybe that's a hint that it's a pretty heavy mix.

Enough griping. The metal is done. I had to break from my usual mix of black metal, gunmetal, and steel as my gunmetal had dried up. I don't know that it made a ton of difference anyway. I was planning on keeping most of the Dreadknight pretty dark metal so that there would be some contrast with the knight pilot. I really only did some very light highlights where the light would hit strongest on the DK. It was a bit heavier on the main body as there will be plenty of color contrast once I paint up all the heraldry.

I'm looking forward to the next steps here. I'm going to give Chipping Medium a try for the first time. I've painted up all the armor in steel just so I can have a metallic base underneath later. Should be fun!

My parts also arrived for my base. Scibor to the rescue! I got a lot of busted heads and feet to break up the monotony of all the floor tiles. There's also some shield wall panels I can break up for more busted temple goodness. I've finally got some new Green Stuff too and realize now why I hated GS so much. My supply was ancient and rock hard. This is so much easier to work with! Will still take some learning but I'm a lot more optimistic now.

Until next week,


  1. metallics are really tricky to get thru the brush. I constantly struggle with it.

  2. Like all the base bits you've assembled here. I have never had good luck with metallic paints. Even with a fresh pot, if there is even the tiniest bit of dry paint in there (never use agitators with metallics!), it'll clog the brush like woah.

    Same thing with those game air metallics...everytime, clogs my brush.