Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WIP: Cadre Fireblade

All my WIPs from last week are making solid progress. Going to try to focus on the Fireblade first. Here's the latest. 

I'm really pretty happy with how the head is coming along. As I mentioned the other day, I picked up a Scharff brush and am quickly understanding how much my old brushes were holding me back. Having a quality brush really makes your life SO much easier. If you haven't grabbed a decent one yet, do it now.  It's worth the $20, trust me. Scharff, Raphael, and the Windsor Newton Series 7 seem to be the consensus top brushes on the blogs I visit, although I understand the Raphaels are dropping in quality. 

My happiest discovery on this head was how great the GW washes are for simulating age spots. They've got a perfect translucent quality that makes them blend with the skin, and when diluted just the right way, can dry with a little bit darker edges. Perfect!

These bright orange models have always been a pain to shoot.  The camera hates this color. Starting with a custom White Balance helps a lot though.  Will need to keep messing with it as this is still a little more fluorescent than the real thing.

Major blocks of color are in and the wash is done.  Now it's time to start cleaning it all up.  



  1. you weren't kidding about that head!

  2. Geezus h christ. That is amazing.

  3. I want to know where you guys get the shrink ray to make yourself the size of a mouse to paint these heads.

  4. Honestly, it's the brush man. I don't have particularly steady hands or anything. You just need a brush that can hold a good point. My old synthetics would spread the point when you loaded up the paint. Plus the tip would bend meaning you only got a few models of fine detail work out of each one. I'm a complete all-natural convert (in brushes anyway).