Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SHOWCASE: Necron Ghost Ark

A gallery of my completed Necron Ghost Ark. Pics and words after the break.

I completed this Ghost Ark in early November. While I enjoyed finishing the model, I found it to be a bit challenging on a technical level, due to the quality of the molds. There was a lot of cleanup to be done, and many of the parts fit loosely, requiring additional work. Creating the model in sub-assemblies due to the paint scheme also added several steps to the workload.

The design of the model is fantastic, and the Egyptian influences are well integrated. The aesthetic of the entire Necron line is pretty great, in my opinion.

You can see work in progress of the ark at this LINK. To end the post, here's a great shot looking directly down the passenger deck. I think the Necron warriors in various states of repair are a lot of fun.



  1. Can't remember if I commented on it before but its just exquisite. And I know what a 'project' it is to paint one of these things. Puts mine to shame.

    1. well, you get some measure of credit on this, because I straight-up stole the color scheme from you.

    2. and a fine color scheme it is.