Friday, January 2, 2015

WIP: Studio makeover

Took the holiday break as an opportunity to repaint and reorganize the hammer studio!

Life moves ever forward. With the arrival of our son, the wife's hobby room becomes a nursery, and my hobby room becomes our hobby room.

So long man-cave, it was a good two years.

Still, plenty of room to display my models, and I managed to keep the full size gaming table! FINALLY got around to painting the walls a very, very light grey/blue - a definite improvement over the "apartment beige".



  1. Grey looks great. It's funny...i will paint tons of tiny models, but ask me to paint a wall and I procrastinate for years.

  2. I'd love to see your set up once you get it back in place. I really need some posters for my room, man. That Space Marine one would be awesome. Too bad my pre-ordered Space Hulk didn't come with the art print like everyone else's for some reason.