Friday, January 9, 2015

SHOWCASE: Deet's 2014 Year In Review

I always feel like I'm a painfully slow painter, but when you take the time to look back at what you've done over a whole year it can be really impressive.  Let's check out my 2014!

Dec 2012                                         Mar 2014

2014 represented my second year in the hobby, and I can really see the progress I've made in that time. Back in March I posted this image of my progress over my 1st 14 months. I'd like to think the last 9 saw even more development as we'll see in my freehand stuff later in the year. Progress doesn't just happen in painting though, and I had a lot of other good hobby stuff going on as we'll see below.

January - started as new years should with a cleanse and a new workspace.

February- I completed a bunch of spare drones, a Kroot hound, and my newly completed Broadside was featured in White Dwarf Daily! (remember when they used to do that? sigh)

March - I completed my long-suffering GK Dreadnought and finished my second squad of Fire Warriors.

April - I finally finished my first squad of GK Terminators, giving me enough models to field them as an ally... just in time for GW to kill their friendly status with my Tau a few months later.  D'oh!

Summer - I was doing a lot of travelling May through July so the hobby time was sparse. I started off a new terrain project (soon to be resurrected) and completed an Interceptor squad and GK Librarian by the end of July.

September - I spent the next couple of months working on the crown jewel of my year- my GK Stormraven. I also managed to fit in a Culexus Assassin and made the first draft of my Grey Knights decal sheet that you can still grab for free here.

October - I finally added an Aegis line to my repertoire. 

December - The rest of the year was spent primarily on my nearly-finished Dreadknight.  I also spent a lot of time working on the blog itself- sorting out our menu bar and internal link issues, doing H.O.W. To posts, etc. I'm pretty happy with being able to quickly check out all our different post content easily- it make my life easier looking for old posts, and hopefully our 3 readers will get some benefit out of it too! You can now see all of our tutorials, showcases, and reviews at the links above, as well as check out my new burgeoning reference page.  I'm hoping to get that last one really sorted out in the new year with a lot of new reference. 

What a year! I'm not quite sure yet what the new year has in store for me. First thing, I've got to polish off the last details on the Dreadknight. Once that's done, I don't know where to go. Have plenty of GK left to paint, but getting a little tired of silver. Some Tau left, but not really feeling the orange at the moment. Maybe get started on my Inquisition force. Lots of variation there to satisfy my ADD.

By the end of the year, I'd like to finish off my GK Boxed set- that means 10 more Termies, 10 more PAGK, and a Land Raider. I probably also need to do my second Broadside and add a Riptide to my Tau force, plus finish off a full squad of 12 Pathfinders. We'll add the Inquisition stuff to that- I think I'm sitting on a mixed squad of 8 plus Coteaz (NMM time baby). That's a good set of goals for the year.

H.O.W. had a great 2014. Thanks for being a part of it!



  1. Nice work! I've enjoyed it all. Question, though: that board with the peg homes and sick with clips on the end. Did you but that our make it yourself? Foam isn't doing it for me anymore and that seems like a great idea

    1. yup. scrap wood with holes drilled. dowel from the hardware store and alligator clips from amazon.

      Actually did a post on it last year:

    2. Thanks much! Again, I really enjoy your work

  2. Great post! It's always great to see what you've accomplished in a year, and you've done a ton!

  3. I love these kind of posts. It's a bit of a tradition over on Tale of Painters and it's a great way to kick start the new year with a good old pat on the back.

    Great work Deet. For only 2 years in the hobby I think you do exceptionally well and you present your work beautifully. More of the same in 2015!