Friday, January 30, 2015

Hello, BOLS readers!

Thanks for finding us! It's great to be part of the BOLS blogroll. We post every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Posts cover a range of topics including tutorials, showcases and battle recaps. Let's talk about what I'm working on this week! Pics and words after the jump.

Children are the death of free time.

I used to be a prolific hobbyist. Just look at my 2014 RECAP. I painted a LOT of stuff. Since the birth of my first son, I've struggled to scrape an hour or two together to work on my hobby stuff. Here's what's in progress currently.

Land Raider and close combat Terminators. Decided to give my chapter an "up close, and personal" touch it was missing. I'm about half way done with the tank, and 1/1000th the way done with the Terminators. * SIGH *

I've completed the sub assemblies on this drop pod commission. It'll be painted up in Space Wolves scheme for a friend. This one's a birthday present, so expect me to finish this one sooner, with a step-by-step HOW TO. It's the third pod I've done, so it went pretty quickly. Total build time is two hours so far. I estimate ten total.

Necrons! One of my new year's resolutions was to finish this army. I bought everything in one shot on craigslist in August, and have been chipping away at it ever since. I managed to assemble the remaining warriors, immortals, and deathmarks, as well as create two lords and three crypteks - all with custom made staves - just in time for the new codex to drop and nerf the ever-living hell out of all their gear and powers. Glad I made that custom Voltaic staff that's not even in the game anymore! At least I modeled the chonometr-- what? That's gone, too? Yeah, figures.

Lastly, I was in Sweden last week! I traveled to Stockholm on business, and met with MOJANG, creators of minecraft. They were great, and it was nice to see snow! (not a lot of that in Los Angeles)



  1. Glad to see another "Veteran of the Long War"!

  2. I'm hoping to start painting again next month! I'm going through resin withdrawal. Have so many things to paint and post.