Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WIP: Broadside pt2

A Nice long weekend means good progress on my Broadside.  WIP pics after the jump.

Having MLK day off meant some unexpected hobby time came my way (thanks, Doc).  Perhaps not the best way to honor his memory, but I was happy for the time regardless. Painting little soldiers is bringing good in to the world, right?

Since last week's WIP, I had one good night at home and then one nice solid 5hr block during a little painting party at Trip's house. I got right down to it on the Broadside, finishing up all the black details. Next came all the white.  Man what a pain.  All those missiles, and all the white stripes on top of the orange- took at least 3 coats, 4 in some areas.  The white pinstriping on the Tau logo was harder than it should have been on both spots due to some crummy molding or paint residue in the crease.  Came out pretty good in the end.

After the white came the blue stripes you can see up on the leg and shoulder in the top pic. I started out this army putting a little blue on every big model (anything larger than a basic troop), but sometimes it's hard finding a good spot for it beyond these little rank markers. After that, all the black (and unfortunately some of the white missiles bottom right I'll have to touch up) got a quick gunmetal drybrushing.  It's really looking nice.  I went through all the gold screws with Vallejo alcohol metallics.  I may be done with them. Nearly impossible to get a clean finish.  You can see on the leg screws, sometimes it works great.  Then if you look at the large screw on the rail gun up close, it's chunky and cloudy. It may just be user error, but I'm getting tired of trying. Will probably have to go over these with a different metal or just try my hand at NMM.

Last bit was a quick wash of blue and then progressively going to white on the power pack.  I think that's going to look great once I go back in and clean up the overages.

I had really hoped to get this all clear coated and glued together in time for this WIP, but time got the best of me. Goal for the next week is varnish, decals, and a few more details.  Wash if I'm lucky. Oh yeah, and the head!  Got to decide on the color there. Oh yeah.  Edging.  Damn.  Long way to go.

Anyone else make good use of the extra time?

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