Friday, January 24, 2014

WIP: Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard

It's Chistmas in January! My belated holiday gift to myself has arrived in the mail, and it's time to make a new battlefield.

The forgeworld cityscape tiles are great, but playing on the same table over and over again can start to be a drag, so I purchased a Citadel Realm of Battle board. I had never really considered it, given the high cost, but was running a sale, and it was a full $100 off the GW retail price, so I couldn't pass it up.

The board arrived in a simple shipper, and inside was a canvas carrying bag with a shoulder strap (seen on the right) and nested within that were the six tiles. The whole thing was actually a bit heavy.

I've painted two of these tiles before. I was lucky enough to get them for free, from a FLGS that was closing. The tiles were in poor condition, and had multiple, broken scenery items glued to them. With some effort, I was able to clean them up, and the result is what you see below.

As I work on the new tiles, I'll use the same painting techniques, so that everything matches, and will detail the steps in a post in the near future.

wish me luck!



  1. Nice can't wait to see the finished products! I'm waiting for my tiles from the Secret Weapons Miniatures to get in to work on my table more.

  2. I hadn't seen that SWM kickstarter. Pretty good looking tiles