Monday, January 20, 2014

WIP: So long, Swarmy! (I hardly knew ye!)

Thanks to the new codex, the Swarmlord got a solid nerf, and it's time to switch him out.

I didn't have a lot of Tyranid games under my belt before the new codex dropped. Despite being in the hobby for 2 years, I painted more than I played, and probably only had 20 games with the Swarmlord as my HQ.

But, whenever I put him on the table, he was feared. Sure, he had no ranged attacks to speak of beyond his psychic abilities, but he was an absolute nightmare in close combat. When I did manage to get him in, he never lost. (instant kill sabres, a 4++ and making your opponent reroll invul saves will do that)

Sadly, he's lost his pre-fab psychic powers, got knocked from a level 4 psyker to a 3, no longer has access to life leach, and doesn't make players reroll invuls in close combat. Time to hit the bench, Swarmy. You've earned it.

Thankfully, I'm prepared. When I bought the hive tyrant kit, I magnetized damn near everything on it, so that I could play it as any loadout I wanted - I just had so much luck with the the Swarmlord that I never finished the other limbs.

Hooray for magnets! I've started on the alternate limbs. I chose the lash whip and bonesword for the +3 to initiative and instant death, as well as the barbed strangler for the 36" range, large blast and pinning! Gotta be honest, as much as I loved swarmy, I'm looking forward to running this build.

Are you shelving any units due to the new codex? Share below.


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