Friday, January 17, 2014

WIP: The Hive Mind calls...

Hive fleet: Unending Maw grows. More after the break.

Despite the crushing blow that the new codex wrought, I am determined to continue playing tyranids. While building a few new lists, I'm expanding my gaunts and trying a new unit entirely.

Swarms look great in a diorama, or in a glamour shot, but they are an absolute drag to play with. The movement phase of any game becomes a total chore, as my opponent waits for me to move 50+ models. For this reason alone, I sold off the orks that came with my very first set, Assault on Black Reach. I knew I'd never play two horde armies.

But, you need troops to cap objectives, and devilgaunts are cheaper than ever, so here we go... I painted these three devilgaunts to round out my total number to twenty. In conjunction with thirty fleshborer gaunts I have, and the ability in the new codex to mix and match within a single squad, these should be the last gaunts I ever paint. To think I've painted this model FIFTY fucking times makes me want to slap someone.

Thanks to the Chapter House suit, Mycetic Spores were removed from the codex, and my army was left with no way to trasport mid field. (no, the trygon's tunnel DOESN'T count - they didn't bother to rewrite the rules to make it useful)

So, I'm experimenting with a unit I've never used before - ripper swarms. I know they went up in price, but I need something, anything, that can deepstrike, to keep my enemy's front lines distracted while I march my forces into a hail of gunfire.

I dunno, we'll see. Deet (and everybody else) will probably just shoot them apart - or they'll just eat themselves, thanks to the new behavior rules.

Lastly, if you weren't aware, I'm active on Advanced Tau Tactica. I'm linking a pic here, so I can have a custom avatar.



  1. GAH! I wasn't prepared to be assaulted with all that sexy. Good thing it's contained to 80x80 pixels.

  2. I'm "bringing it back", in case you were unaware.

  3. I like the nids... will you be continuing with them?

  4. absolutely! despite the groin punch of the new codex, I'll never leave my bugs for long. I have a haruspex and hive guard on the way!