Wednesday, January 1, 2014

WORKSPACE: Deet's new setup

Santa was good to me this year, and along with some nice gifts to myself, I've got a slick new painting setup all ready to go!

First new item was this spray booth which I actually got for my birthday in June but had yet to set up.  You can use it with or without the extra exhaust tube, and I had to do that here as there's no convenient table/window locations in my house. The unintended benefit is that it lets me see how well it's filtering. Spraying the orange base coat on a new set of fire warriors (to be posted soon), I could see how much orange was making it out the back.  There's definitely some making it out on to the drop cloth behind, but it's a much cleaner proposition than spraying indoors without it. It was noticeably less smelly in the room too, which means the lungs aren't taking as much in.

Next item was this Sotar airbrush which Trip and I each picked up on mega sale on Amazon before Christmas.  I'll use it a bit more before giving it an official review, but so far am happy with it. The one really convenient feature is the dial on the back that let's you precisely set up your max needle depth.  That's going to be great.

Finally, my new baby.  I couldn't stand going another day with my old compressor. That thing could wake the dead, and you could only use it for a few minutes before it started blowing water.  I've been reading reviews for months and keeping an eye on this baby- the Iwata Power Jet Pro.  It's got 2 hookups for airbrushes, each with its own independent pressure gauge and water trap. It also has a 2L tank. Not having had a tank on a compressor before, I didn't know how big/small that was. Unfortunately, it's a little small, but as this compressor is so quiet compared to my old one, I don't really care.  It kicks on after 10-15 sc of spraying, but is quiet enough that you aren't startled, and it won't bother the neighbors.  It was a pricey investment, but I'm overall happy with it so far. It will totally be worth it for the increased hours of late night spraying it'll buy me.

All of this stuff is set up on my computer desk, hence the big drop cloth. It's not the most convenient thing to have to switch back and forth, but that's the space I have to work with.  Just because it still makes me giggle like a little girl, here's what it looks like in computer mode.  The girlfriend moved in and we had a surplus of TVs with no place to put them, so I've ended up with a 22" monitor and a 27" TV all hooked up (plus my cintiq-not shown).  Fortunately there was room on my desk. It's silly, but why not, right? Next time I have a game I want to play, I can rock that and watch basketball at the same time.  Nerdgasm!

Looking forward to showing off all my new work I got done over the holiday soon.  Got a ton of modelling in, but we'll have to wait a bit for paint.  Happy New Year all.



  1. I just move in a new flat and I'm considering getting one booth like that. You said it makes the room small less. How do you rate the benefit compare to the investment? Where did you get yours?

  2. I got mine on Amazon- the link is in the article. That one is $80, but there are some slightly cheaper sellers on there, and probably some cheaper booths if you dig a bit.
    I really like this one. Folds up really small. Filters pretty well without the exhaust vent, and if you had a window to send it out, it would really be fantastic. For me, totally worth the investment, but I guess it would depend on your budget and painting area.