Wednesday, February 5, 2014

SHOWCASE: Broadside

At long last, I've actually completed a model!  It's been a while.  Feels good.  This was a great kit to put together and I'm really pleased with how it came out. More pics after the jump.

This model represents a few firsts for me.  First "real" Broadside.  First attempt at proper lenses. First battle damage. Those extra little steps go a long way toward making the model look professional and don't really take that much time.  Pretty fun to do too!

This Broadside is magnetized to use either main weapon option.  The build thread can be seen here. I also created my own head design to toughen him up a little bit.

Gave him a gangsta lean to show the weight of that gun. May have overdone it, but I like it anyway.

I really think this HYMP execution is so much better than the stock "boxing gloves".  Painting 4 coats of white on each of those damn missiles took forever, but it pops so well I think it was absolutely worth it. 

That's it!  I loved painting this guy, and fortunately for me, I have another one in the to-do pile. But first, I've got a squad of Firewarriors waiting to be finished.  Love comments and critiques.  That's how we get better.  Tau'va.



  1. wow. I mean, just... damn. that really came together.

  2. Im totally stealing your swappable gun nozzle idea! That might help to sell the army im building better!

    1. Steal away, though if you look at the WIP thread you'll see it wasn't my idea and you can find the link to ATT where I stole the idea from.