Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Showcase: Tau Goodness

Been steadily growing my Tau Orange Sun cadre over the last few weeks.  Here's couple quick pics of the random pickup models I've knocked out.
These drones all came in the Pathfinder kit. Without really reading the rules on them, I decided to paint them up.  In the end, they're all rather worthless, but hey, I had fun painting them, and they look cool.  Maybe the GW fairies will grant my wish someday and make them worthwhile.

Important lesson finally learned on these guys- do a serious gloss coat BEFORE applying decals.  I've been frustrated with little bits of ghosting on many of my decals up to this point.  After reading around for the solution- that's it.  Gloss, decal, more gloss to seal.  Did everyone else already know that?

And finally, I had a game coming up with Trip- he was finally bringing that Nidzilla list he'd been dreaming about, and I knew I was going to need to get really strategic to take him down.  I'd had a couple of ebay Kroot Hounds lying around unpainted and I thought this was the perfect occasion to spring their acute senses traits on Trip unannounced. Painted this fella up quickly the afternoon before.  Probably not 100% finished, but he did the job.  Maybe we'll post the battle report for that epic encounter soon.  Was a good one for sure.

OK, so a quick and easy one this week.  I've got a few good things brewing on the Deet Desk. Got that next squad of Fire Warriors coming along nicely with an accompanying step-by-step H.O.W. TO on the process, and a review for a fantastic new product I found that's currently blowing my mind on the paint table. See you next week.


  1. that new photo tent you bought it really pulling its weight! These photos look great. Might have to hit amazon up.

  2. Lightroom is the business too. Really helps you quickly edit and optimize. Still have to take em in to Photoshop to clip the background least as far as my knowledge of Lightroom goes. You should see the pics from my trip up north. Made me look like a pro photographer.

  3. I also use decal softeners to help applying them. but I always varnish over them!