Monday, February 10, 2014

SHOWCASE: Space Marines Jump Captain

A small gallery of my converted Space Marine HQ, Captain Varrus.
Just a quick post today, as I literally had surgery this morning. Sure I could have written something over the weekend, but Dieter finally had the chance to hang out, and play a 1500 pt game - which we'll detail later in the week.

I have a small, sub 2,000 pt, Space Marine army. I was running the Captain from the Assault on Black Reach box set as my HQ, but wanted to try something different. I knew I wanted an Assault Captain with a thunder hammer, and was going to convert one using generic assault marines, but right around that time, the new Space Marine models came out, including the finecast Lord Executioner.

Despite coming with a power (relic?) axe, and having a rather static pose (man, all 4 of those finecast characters from that new release have inexcusably dated poses!) I thought his armor and expression were great. I decided to buy one and modify it.

I cut off his arms and replaced them with a plastic Thunderhammer. The position of the arms were very similar, so it was relatively pain free. I also heated his legs with a hair dryer, and bent them a little to widen his stance. Lastly, I posted him an a clear acrylic rod, to match my other Assault Marines.

The armor deign is very intricate - exactly what I was looking for. All together, he makes for a standout HQ unit to lead my Chapter, The Sons of Titan. I've included a shot of him on the forgeworld table below.


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