Friday, February 14, 2014

SHOWCASE: Tyranid Haruspex

Hive Fleet: Unending Maw grows!

My Haruspex was featured on the GW daily blog last week, but here's a more extensive gallery.

I completed the model in a personal record- three days from sprue to final photography. I don't normally work this way, but GW contacted me, and asked if I had completed any of the new kits. I lied and said, "yes", and then went on a three day painting bender to complete the project for inclusion on their site.

You can see the work in progress HERE.

I really enjoy the model. It has a great look and feel. It's definitely unique. I got the chance to play it in a game for the first time, and unfortunately, it's not that great. I had a hell of a time getting it into close combat without it getting shot apart. Still, though, great looking kit.

As with all my monstrous creatures, I created a custom pattern on the carapace. I can't say this one is my favorite. I think maybe it looks a little too tribal, and not natural enough.

I also hid a magnet in the tongue, and posed a hapless Space Marine Sargent fighting for his life, similar to the one attached to the Mawloc's base. It's great for show, and can be easily removed for games.

And here's the cinematic shot promised earlier in the week. I think it might be the best I've taken yet!

On monday I'll be posting a step by step tutorial of how I paint my tyranids, as requested by the members of the tyranid hive boards, using some Tyrant Guard I built last week.



  1. This is fantastic mate. I'm painting mine at the moment and if it comes out half as good as this one I'll be happy!

  2. Man, that is awesome! Very nice transitions :)
    (And I personaly love the patern in the carapace xD)