Friday, February 28, 2014

WIP: Space Marine Tactical Squad and Rhino

I've neglected my Marines long enough! Time to expand the chapter. A few pics and a question after the break.

They don't get a lot of coverage on the site, but I have a 2,000pt Space Marine army, The Sons of Titan. Honestly, I'm quite fond of them, but find it difficult to win with them. One of the problems I definitely have is lack of troops, so while trolling the local craigslist, I found a NIB battleforce for only $60, and snapped it up.

I sold the scouts, assault marines, and five of the fifteen tactical marines from the box to net a profit, and started in on my new troops. Hooray for free tac squad and rhino!

A sharp eye will notice that the image above contains a rocket launcher, flamer, melta, and plasma gun. I know that all of these can't be in the same squad, but I had a few extra bodies laying around, and decided to create ALL the heavy and special weapons available to the squad so that I could swap them out depending on the situation.

I like to make my sargents stand out. They all have bare heads, and some form of special weapon combo. I've wanted to do this one forever, and finally got around to it - dual wield plasma pistols and a melta bomb strapped to his belt. Can't wait to paint this guy up!

I also started on my second rhino. I want every squad in the chapter to have a means of transport, so this will complement my existing rhino/razorback and drop pods. I thought about using the open hatch with the gunner or tank commander, but decided against it.

Speaking of rhinos, regular readers will remember this showcase of the first razorback I ever painted. (first vehicle I ever painted, actually.) I bought it from another player, and it was already assembled, but unpainted. I finished the model, and never realized that the top panel was actually put on wrong!

While assembling the new rhino, I noticed that it was wrong, and had to pop apart the kit to flip and rotate the panel to its proper orientation! Fortunately, he had glued it in only 4 spots using super glue, and not plastic glue.

And finally, a question to anyone who reads the blog:

What chapter should I paint this new squad and rhino as? I was going to paint them as an addition to my chapter, The Sons of Titan, but there are so many color schemes and great chapter rules in the new codex! I could paint them as almost anything and bring them as an allied force.

Sons of Titan?
Imperial Fists?
Blood Ravens?

What say you, readers?



  1. can't help. too paralyzed looking at Horus Heresy models. Going in to my own indecisive mode: Sons of Horus or Death Guard. . . Must.Finish.Grey.Knights.

  2. lol. Thats eerie. I was wondering what scheme to use for a space marine red shirt with one of my Nid models and came up with the same choices (except Sons of Titan, obviously). I'm going for Blood Ravens mainly because I think red/bleached bone will work well with the Nid model. But Salamanders really piqued my interest. Painting black skin with red eyes on the character models... intruiging.

  3. I do dig the salamanders look. I believe they also have a 30k variant too. Just sayin.

  4. Wanted to do a blood ravens army when I first got into the hobby, but I was using regular acrylic paints at the time without an airbrush, so it took 4 coats to cover the test model and I decided against it. If I had been using the proper models paints, it would have been different.