Monday, June 29, 2015

SHOWCASE: Reaper Minis Dar Dimplefoot

And now for something completely different. We usually stick to 40k on this site, but I thought I'd show the evidence of our most recent Nerdfest- We're playing D&D!
I've played D&D once and some Cthulhu RPG one time each, years ago just to say I'd tried it, but I was never in to it as a kid for some reason. Certainly had nerdy enough friends for it, but I think the computer took over. The allure of pencil and dice can't quite hold up to Kings Quest and Tie Fighter, dig?

Trip and a couple friends decided to fix that decades-old mistake and get a proper game going last month. We've only played once, just the starter campaign and we barely got anywhere, but it was fun. A nice little break from 40k. We'll play once a month and be back rejoining our game next Saturday.

The gang went all out for our first game. If you're going to go nerdy, why not go all the way, right? Our sometimes-commentor Greymantle made up cocktails in freaking potion bottles and his wife made cupcakes with 12-sided dice in them. Nerdtacular!

Trip DM'd for us and made up nice placecards, etc, which came in handy to map out combat, but we quickly realized we'd need 2- one for initiative and one to keep track of position on the battlefield. After a successful first adventure, we all decided we needed minis.

Here's the figure I bought from Reaper- Dar Dimplefoot, the halfling thief. With a vacation trip looming, I didn't have a lot of time to paint and he needed to be finished before the weekend. Speed paint time!

Not the most gorgeous model I've ever painted, but he'll look good in the center of the table. Not bad for a model half the size of  a Space Marine. I am pretty happy with the base too- Juweela bricks from Secret Weapon. Look pretty slick when made in to cobblestone.

OK, back to my Alphas! Maulerfiend is coming along nicely.