Monday, June 22, 2015

SHOWCASE: Walking Necron Warriors

A showcase of my converted walking Necron warriors.

As part of my Necron army project, I created two squads of ten warriors. I was never a fan of the "necron squat" so I converted the models to walking poses instead.

Below you see the basic warrior next to my conversion. I think it makes the model look much more dynamic. Giant metal skeletons are more imposing when they are striding towards you confidently, and not squatting like they have a load of crap in their metal pants.

In the comparison shot, you can see that this makes the warriors massive when next to a Space Marine. The simple conversion places them literally head and shoulders over the competition, and considering that marines are supposed to be 7-8 feet tall, that's saying something!

I converted the first ten using a painstaking process of chopping the legs off with an exacto, and carefully repositioning each limb using glue and steady hands. It took me hours of frustrating work to convert the models, and some are very fragile.

With the second set, I simply applied gentle heat from a hair dryer and pinched the legs together, then twisted them forward or backward at the hip, to make the new pose. It was incredibly fast, and kept the models' integrity intact. A HUGE difference.

I also painted the shoulder armor the color of my dynasty, to keep the models from feeling too simple. Small splashes of color go a long way to keeping the army from being a single, drab metallic. You can see my entire painting guide HERE.



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  2. This is great and I think it's overlooked really! The GW squat effects the vast majority of troops and I think this conversion is essential to making your miniatures look like they can actually be taken seriously! Good job!

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