Wednesday, June 17, 2015

SHOWCASE: Tyranid Venomthropes

A showcase of the Venomthropes I completed in April.

The new venom/zoan kit is great. I hate finecast, and it's a real pleasure to put together plastic models that are well sculpted.

I especially like the tendril arms. They have a ton of character, but are much less obtrusive than the finecast sculpts. They still look creepy and seem to be flailing everywhere, but are actually closer to the bases - a lot less "hooking the nearest 4 models" syndrome!

Gotta love the Cthulhu heads too!



  1. these are super cool, m8. nicely done.

  2. Really slick trip. Loving the green and purples.

  3. Easily the best venomthropes I've seen... which is making me sad, because I've painted some. *cries*


    1. thanks, guys. I think they look like they were painted with a mop in the closeup shots, but they look good on the table. :)