Friday, June 26, 2015

WIP: Forge/Mauler Magnets

Finished all my pre-assembly cleanup. Time to get this thing magnetized.

Boy that cleanup took some time. This is a great model though. Lots of fun options (visually anyway- I haven't really looked up the stats of any of the weapons). I'm starting to realize how long it's going to take to paint this thing up, but that's a problem for another day.

I learned my lesson on the Dreadknight and decided to magnetize before I glued the model together. That gives me much easier access to the inside and outside walls of the body, which is pretty crucial when you are drilling through (rather than in to) something. No magnets lost to rattle around inside the model this way. Have gotten all the legs and arms done. Now on to the weapons.

I'm taking pictures along the way.  Will decide when I'm done whether or not it's really complicated enough to justify a tutorial. So far it's easier than I was expecting.



  1. "No magnets lost to rattle around inside the model this way. "

    I think my stompa has more magnets inside, then attached to things.

    1. Yeah, I screwed up and pre-assembled the two halves of the guns. Major pain to magnetize over the open cavity. One of em will have a touch of rattle. One other had a magnet flip on me so I had to shove it in. Now I've got two magnets of alternate polarity stacked on top of each other, held forcefully together with glue. Makes the connection a little weaker when attached to the body. Hopefully there's no long term degradation of the magnet caused by that.