Monday, June 8, 2015

WIP: Space Marine Land Raider

Snatched a few moments to make a little progress on my tank this week. At this rate, I should have it completed some time around 2085.

I masked the sides of the tank to create additional stripes, as well as paint the recessed panels on the back half. When the tape was removed, the result was a clean design with no overspray.

I then applied "chipping" by dabbing grey paint using an old brush. I focused on the areas that would see high wear, such as the assault ramp.

Next week I'll prime and base coat the weapons systems before final assembly.



  1. Lookin good trip! Are you going to do any highlights on the chips, or leave as is?

    1. I'll do in an oil wash on the model to accentuate the recesses, but the last time I tried to highlight the chipping, it didn't look quite right.

    2. I like your more "animated" style of weathering. It looks good and clean and is a hell of a lot less work than all the damn sponge painting, brush chipping, weathering powder, rust paint crap I'm killing myself with (for not particularly better results in a lot of cases)