Friday, June 12, 2015

WIP: Space Marine Land Raider - COMPLETE!

Well, that finished up a lot more quickly than I expected! Pics after the jump.

I din't think I'd finish this until next week, but I stayed up the last few nights to work on it instead of playing games or watching netflix.

I kept the weapons assemblies separate so I could detail the sponson doors without interference.

I primed the parts using vallejo black airbrush primer.

Here are the parts with the base coats applied.

I wasn't happy with the blue going straight across the top of the tank, so I made it into an arrow shape, to accentuate the forward motion of the vehicle.

I always put down an undercoat of vallejo beasty brown before I apply my golds. it makes the tones much richer and warmer.

Here's the model with the bolter and missile launcher mounted, ready for the satin varnish and oil wash.

Here's the completed model. It needs a little edge highlighting here and there, but it's 99% finished. Honestly, edge highlighting is one of my favorite things, and goes really quickly for me.

I'll post a showcase gallery next week!



  1. Favorite things? You sadistic bastard.

  2. Sometimes trip goes into other peoples homes...just to edge highlight random furniture.