Thursday, January 14, 2016

DISCUSSION: Start Collecting Sets- Who Got 'Em?

Between 40K and Sigmar, there's a frightening number of armies, all with unique and interesting models.

I'm constantly fighting my impulse to start another army. The Lizardmen were long one of my favorites, but I just didn't want to jump in to another ruleset and all those pricey rulebooks and codecies. Thankfully GW saw fit to make Sigmar free! I'm in. Mission accomplished, GW. I bought in to an army that I never would have under your old system.

The Lizardmen *cough* sorry, Seraphon are just cool. I love Aztec/Mayan imagery and you couple that with dinosaurs? What's not to like? My Start Collecting set just showed up today. They're a great deal to begin with, but I got mine from Frontline Gaming for an extra discount. Just over $70 including shipping for, what, $130 in models? Fantastic. Just the Carnosaur costs more than that on his own.

It's really a crapload of plastic in this box too. I was expecting the tools to be pretty spent, like many of my Marines were in my army box. This army is fairly old after all. The parts are all in pretty great shape though, at first glance. I know 40k is WAY bigger than WHF was so the tools get more use, but this was a pleasant surprise. Won't be too much mold scraping here I think.

What'd you all get? I'm excited now.



  1. I nabbed a couple. I think it's a strong play by GW. Got me to start a 5th army, so they're doing something right.

  2. Deet, I was suckered in with Tau... new collector set had about 40% discount on buying the separate units. So I spent that and more on a Tau Damocles box too... does mean I have now got two Etherals on hoverboards, so will sell one. Plus a Ghostkeel and Stealth suits... oh and some Broadsides and for Christmas what started it all - a Stormsurge... darn it, so much to do ;)

    Warlord construction continues... I love being spoilt for choice for projects!

    1. Hmm...I may need a Hover Ethereal. Only have Aun Shi. Those new suits are great. Can't bring myself to fork out the cash for them yet though. Have plenty of Tau to paint before I let myself.

  3. I'm pretty excited about my Skitarii box. These models are just so cool. GW did a really great job with these get-you-addicted-to-grey-crack boxes. I like the packaging, the slip out box, and the little Rules / Next Steps sheet. Of course, I already want the Ironstrider and Dragoon.

  4. Took an amazing amount of willpower not to buy more of these. What's really cool is that each had its own formation, so it's playable right out of the box as an asked detachment. Smart.

  5. I resisted starting an AM army...because I'm a strong witted like that. XD
    But the temptation was strong with these never seen before deals.