Thursday, January 21, 2016

WIP: Alpha Legion 'Fiend

I've put a lot of hours in to this guy. That metal alone has taken probably 20 hours between the black base, the metal, wash, touch up, and highlighting. IT'S DONE! Well, the metal is anyway. Now on to the fun parts.
I usually show this guy in the Maulerfiend configuration, just because it's awesome. Figured this time I'd show that I am indeed painting ALL of the parts and I'd throw him out in the fully-pimped Forgefiend setup.

One little detail I didn't think about back when I was modeling this guy is that the shoulder pads need to be magnetized. Now that I've got all the parts painted up, I'm going to have to very carefully set that up. Shouldn't be too hard with a strip of thin steel inside the shoulder pads and a magnet on the shoulder. If I screw it up in the drilling it'll likely be covered by the pad anyway.

One comment I frequently get is that my Alphas aren't green enough. Viewed in a vacuum with nothing to compare it to, I can understand why. Most people haven't seen my blue compared to an Ultramarine. I'd like to get more green in there though, so I opted to have all the fiery goodness inside be a ghostly green. It's popping nicely now. I look forward to rendering that out. First up though is skin highlighting. Will be nice to paint another color for a while.


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