Tuesday, January 12, 2016

WIP: Preparation

Two guesses as to which new starter set GW got me to buy.

The tide rolls out, and the tide rolls in.

It was a point of pride for me to defeat my grey tide in 2015. I managed to paint every model I owned, and sell off all the extra bits for a tidy profit... which I then spent on a single order from my favorite online retailer.

Even a curmudgeon like me, who's constantly harping on GW price gouging, has to admit that the new "start collecting" sets are a great value (and a shrewd business move on GW's part). I'll begin posting WIPS of my 5th (7th? do 500 points of Wolves, and 500 points of Orks count?) army as it gets underway.

SIDEBAR: Looks like the GW shades now only come in the larger size. Not a bad idea for some colors, like agrax and nuln, that get a lot of use. At $7.50 US, it's less than double the price, but you get double the wash. Not sure that's great for colors that most painters use far less of, like reikland fleshshade - glad the FLGS had the old, smaller pot.



  1. The Start Collecting sets are a great value. I thought about getting the SM one, but all I want is just the dreadnought. And i have way too many models to paint as it is. Love the larger wash bottles though. I go through so many, especially with an airbrush.

    1. Interesting. I've never used washes in an airbrush. What do you use them for? Don't they get cloudy?