Tuesday, January 26, 2016

SHOWCASE: Land Raider

My completed Land Raider.

What are close combat terminators without a ride that gets them right in the enemy's ranks? I completed this vehicle over the summer, and enjoyed it greatly. The kit is easy to build, and the working gantry in the front is good fun.

I've since weathered the bottom edge of the tank, adding mud and debris, but snapped these photos so I could remember it "factory fresh". :)



  1. I've never been able to do natural-looking weathering until this weekend. I always liked my stuff looking fresh from the martian forges. But I literally just posted this on my blog today.


  2. Would love to see the weathering Trip, you know my only crit was this was too factory fresh ;) Great stuff, and I love the two tone scheme, quite different from single 'Blue' UM.

  3. Oh, painted the lenses on the cupolas too! I JUST RECENTLY realized what those were supposed to be! (after painting 4 tanks)