Thursday, January 7, 2016

WIP: Alpha 'Fiend- Back In Action and Looking Good

Great to be back painting again! The 'Fiend is really coming together.

With a lot of free time on my hands over the break, I actually got a couple of afternoons of painting in and it really reenergized me. I finally polished up the last little bit of metallic basing and got on with more fun stuff. Since then, I've washed all the metal, gone back for a cleanup pass on the gunmetal, and have now started my highlighting with steel. The body is almost done and the rest of the parts should move pretty quickly from here.

Pretty crazy how much the highlighting makes a difference, as you can see on the two arms bottom right.

Anyone score any big hobby loot over the break. I personally succumbed to peer pressure and bought one of GW's new starter kits- the Seraphon! Frontline gaming was offering 25% off on preorders (still good through the end of the week), so for $70 (including shipping) I got well over $120 worth of models. Too good to pass up. Yes, I haven't even painted enough models on my Alphas to fill a FOC minimum, but what's one more army, right?




  1. Deet, happy new year, I scored an Imperial Knight Warden over crimbo.

  2. Those new starter sets are great. Couldn't resist, and I grabbed two!

  3. Looking sweet, Deet!

    I got 4 starters and a bunch of terrain. My hobby room looks like a GW store, but I'm starting to chip away at it now that we've settled in the new house. We'll be able to host some games in a couple months.

  4. Man, those Knights would be fun to paint. I'm a fan of some of that Skitarii stuff too. Creepy.

    Trip, Grey, I'll see you gents for some dice rolling tomorrow!