Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SHOWCASE: Fire Warriors

At long last I'm showing off my Fire Warriors.  This was the first unit I ever painted.  Tons of room for improvement, but a pretty worthy first attempt, I'd say. Tau'Va.

From the beginning I had my heart set on going with an orange scheme.  It makes no sense for an army to wear orange, but I wanted them to pop on all terrain because that's just more fun.  I've seen tons of pictures of nicely camo'd forces that look great on a white background.  Then you see the battle report pics and you can't even see the army. What's the point?  I'm putting serious hours into painting, I want people to see them!

Since I had never rolled a single die and I didn't even have a basic rulebook yet, I had no idea that it mattered what gun you put in the guy's hands, or that some of the gear might actually cost points. I just put them together however I saw fit, which is why there's the mix of carbines and rifles. Next set I put together will probably be 50/50 too, so I can have full squads with each (even though I never run carbines).

Above is my squad leader leading the charge.  Can't really see from this view, but he's got the white end on his shoulder pad and the extra sept markings. I tried to make some new poses so they weren't all the generic ones you'd expect.  I was excited about the guy below lying prone, but he's kind of a pain in the butt when you're trying to pack guys tight on a crowded balcony (and he can't see over the rail).  He;s propped up on a rock to steady his shot.  Man, he looks really basic now...

Many lessons learned.  Eagerly anticipating the next set, even though I struggle painting large squads. Snoozefest.  Don't know how I've lasted this long with only 12. Need more firepower!



  1. I've always liked the patterns you painted on the squad leader's head.

  2. Thanks, it actually came from my grandpa funnily enough. Liver spots, moles, freckles, whatever they were- it kind of seemed appropriate for a veteran to have something like that. I'll have to refine the technique a bit- maybe with oil paint and then soften them down once they're tacky to look a little more natural.

  3. Always makes them feel more natural and rel when you do that.

  4. These tau are what made me want to start a tau force. really nailed them, and I was inspired.