Monday, November 4, 2013

WIP: 2,000pt Tau Army - October Recap

Hey, lookit that, it's a huge pile of unpainted parts!

As predicted in my September recap, progress wasn't so great in October. Details after the jump.

As part of my ongoing "mega painters" project, I aimed to complete the two Piranha skimmers and maybe * maaaayyyybe * start on the pathfinders kit, during October. However, life got in the way.

Thru the magic of google's blogging software, you might not have noticed our absence, as I pre-wrote and then scheduled for publication, two week's worth of posts (not that anyone besides me and Deit read this site anyway...) But I was actually out of the country for half a month on vacation.

Turns out, sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Paris and wasting afternoons drinking and people watching really eats into your hobby progress. Go figure.

I DID manage to get the Piranhas into sub assemblies. Man are the body seams on these things terrible. When assembling the models, at almost every turn I was faced with mis-aligned parts and gaps between body panels. This means more time prepping with green stuff and sanding. Uhg.

I primed the cockpits, though. Figured black on these things (and a few other parts, sharp-eyed readers will pick out in the opening photo) and I'll prime the rest of the items in white, to aid in the overall paint scheme. Also thinking about stenciling something on the wings/ fuselage in red. Jesus, I need to clip my nails.

And, just as proof that I was actually traveling Europe, and not simply slacking off on my hobbying, here's a picture of me in front of the Colosseum. No idea why I'm staring off like that. Probably daydreaming about gladiators.


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