Friday, November 15, 2013

WORKSPACE: Studio Cleanup

Man, What a mess. A messy workspace can be counter productive. It's time for a cleanup at Casa de Hammer. Images and details after the break.

I can be a bit of a slob. It's not that I intend to be, but when I'm working on something, I usually throw my tools or paints wherever, and concentrate on what I'm working on. After a while, it starts to stack up, and when I need a tool, I end up having to look for it for five minutes under a pile of other stuff. Every once in a while, you have to reset.

Here's my hobby space with all the stuff cleared off. Yes, I have a 4x6 foot space all to myself. (it transforms into a gaming surface - more on that in another post to come) As you can see, I've painted some home made terrain tiles on here (sold those off on ebay), and there's a ton of overspray from my airbrush. Being obsessive compulsive, just re-organizing my tools and models wasn't enough. I was going to CLEAN this bad boy.

NOW we're serious! Broke out the oscillating sander that I bought for some projects around the house. This counts, right? One breather mask and an hour later, the work table looked like this:

Not bad. You can still see some marks on it, but those are from a black oil wash that has soaked into the wood - no sanding those out. Still, much better - and ready to kick back into my massive Tau project in high gear!

Show us your workspace and leave a comment below.



  1. Daaaamn, Gina. Gonna have to come over there and splatter some paint around.

  2. You mean, as opposed to the carpet?