Friday, November 29, 2013

WIP: Tau Pathfinders

Nothing says "Thanksgiving" like pathfinders, right?! Progress after the break.

I've ramped back up to full speed here at the house of hammer, and am trying to make up for lost time on my mega painters project - a 2,000pt Tau army.

I nice four day weekend has ensured plenty of hobby time in between binge eating and household chores. The piranha posted on monday are quickly approaching a finished state and the pathfinders are coming along as well. Maybe it's the lack of armor, but these guys are painting up faster than any other squad I've built. I've gone from sprue to base color on the entire squad in less than 5 hours!

No more photos with this post - I've managed to take photos every step of the way while working the pathfinders, and I'll turn it into a full blown tutorial next week.

Until Monday, eat up, and be thankful!


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