Monday, November 11, 2013

WIP: Space Marine Devastators and Sargent

I've decided to finish a second set of bolter marines and a sargent, so I can split my devastator marines into two distinct squads. More after the jump.

When I built my devastator squad, I used some extra bodies I had to complete ALL the weapons variations in the box. Instead of choosing four heavy weapons from the choices included, I built everything; Two lascannons, two rocket launchers, two heavy bolters, two plasma cannons and one multi melta (as well as the sargent with signum link)

Readers will remember from my devastators showcase that I also rounded out the squad with five slug, "starter set" bolter marines I had laying around. This provided meat shielding for the heavy weapons marines, but still left me choosing which four heavy weapons I wanted to field. Now that I'm completing a second set of bolter marines and a sargent, I will be able to field two separate, ten man dev squads.

For me, when working on space marines, building the sargents and other indipendent characters is the most fun. You get to dig into your bits bin and really customize them to make them stand out. You can see that he's a hodge-podge of parts, some of which I'd already primed in the past. Because I don't have a second signum link, I thought I'd give this sargent a auspex scanner.

I also thought it would be cool to give him a pistol with a scope. I'd seen it on another model, and thought it was a bit odd - a fun, uncommon item. His chain sword is attached to his backpack, ready to be drawn at a moment's notice. This is a minor kit bash - I clipped the existing handle, that included a fist, off, and replaced it with a knife handle from the same sprue.

Working on space marines? making some conversions of your own? Post below!


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