Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WIP: Grey Knights Terminators

Well, I've been crazy slow about painting lately, but I finally got a few hours put in to my long-neglected Terminator squad the other day.  They'd been sitting in pieces for months, so it was nice to get them put together finally.  Coming along nicely. More pics after the jump.

Man, these Scibor bases I reviewed came out great. Still annoyed they only made 4 different 40mm bases, but you can see a little bit of knife and green stuff work made those two at the top different enough.  If I put them at different angles, nobody will be the wiser. 

Here's the full squad finally assembled.  Still have lots of freehand work to do on all their shoulder pads (not glued on yet), the little shoulder shields, highlighting, oil washing, and sword force lightning to do, but at least they're starting to look respectable.  


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  1. I saw Deet's Grey knights in person today, and they are UNREAL. the photos don't even begin to do them justice. We need to get some serious glam shots of these guys STAT.