Friday, May 29, 2015

VIDEO GAMES: 40K humble bundle!

Gotta love 40K video games at an unbeatable price!

relic games and Humble Bundle have teamed up to bring some of their best games out for a good cause.

This week's humble bundle includes Dawn of War, Dawn of War II, and the brilliant Space Marine, along with several Company of Heroes games. (also included are several great digital art archives from the series!)

I've made no bones about my unabashed love for Space Marine, and the fact that it got me interested in the entire 40K universe. It's a brilliant game, and worth playing again. And Greymantle and I have spent hours playing the DoW series - a MUST for any RTS fan.

If you've missed any of these games in the past, now's your chance to catch up at an unbelievable price!


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  1. They play games that are challenging, rage inducing, and sometimes they do get upset, lol boost