Wednesday, May 20, 2015

WIP: Necron Overlord

My most recent Necron purchase is underway!

I swore to stem the grey tide, but couldn't resist getting the newest overlord kit while I was in Tokyo this April. With the favorable exchange rate, it worked out to be cheaper than buying it online in the US - even with the usual 20% independent retailer discount!

Sure, I already have an overlord from the command barge kit, but this guy is so much cooler! He'll make a great Imhotek!

Using my trusty dollar store clippers and my imported Revell contacta pro glue, I cleaned and assembled the kit in about 20 minutes. I'll need to greenstuff his shoulder join (as usual) and his torso halves near the ribs, but otherwise, it was a painless build.

I did a tiny kitbash on him, and chopped off his left hand, holding the orb. My other overlord is already holding one, and frankly, in the new codex it's not even worth taking! I replaced it with a pointing hand from the lychguard box.

I try to build my models whole, and paint them quickly, but this one will have to be done in three small sub-assemblies. There's no way I could paint the details on his back, or the underside of that robe if I attached them.

I'll photograph the whole process from start to finish, and turn it into a tutorial in a future post.


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