Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WIP: Execution Force

Greymantle stopped by, and we got started on his boxed set of Execution Force!

We found ourselves with a rare, free afternoon, so we built the set over conversation and a few glasses of Jameson. Grey even brought his gear, so we could each have a workspace!

The game comes in an excellent, gloss UV finish box, and is packed with sprues and punch-out tokens. I hadn't read much about the set, outside of the assassins, so was surprised to see that it came with nearly 20 other miniatures.

Greymantle started on the Chaos Sorcerer, while I set about putting together the snap-fit cultists. These are the same kits available at retail, in the clamshell box and Dark Vengeance starter.

Once those were complete, I built the Vindicare Assassin. It's a great little kit, and the sculptural base has some fantastic details in it. Tons of character.

Grey also brought the latest White Dwarf, that has the separate assassin profiles for use in 40K. Apparently, these are also included in the rules for the boxed game. I'm sure that the assassins will be available for separate purchase some time in the future.

At that point, we had to wrap it up, but Grey has started on the three remaining assassins, so the set will be complete soon, and we can have a closer look at all of the assassins in a future post.



  1. Ah Jamesons. I hope you didn't put coke in it.

    1. Oh, god, no. Straight, in a crystal tumbler, because I am a classy, classy guy.

  2. hmm. Maybe those cultists will have to live at your house and I can conscript them. Mwuhahaha