Friday, May 8, 2015

WIP: Necron Ghost Ark #2

Finally started on that final ark!

Having sold off the scarabs from both boxes, this ghost ark represents the last model in the two battleforces I bought in August. With this, the bulk of my necron force is complete. Only I could take nearly a year to paint the simplest army in 40K.

The model is coming together much more quickly than the first, and I know what pitfalls to look out for this time around. I'll still be painting in sub assemblies to make sure I can reach everything, and that will add some time to the build - but the results are always worth it.

As usual, I'll have to greenstuff the shoulder pad join on the pilot, lust like the deathmarks and overlord - these things never go together right.

I was much less particular about scraping parting lines on this model, as I've noticed much of the work I did on the first is actually hidden. No point in putting effort into something you don't see.

Here's to hoping that lessons learned help to make this build is not a long, dragged out process like the first one!



  1. I learned about greenstuff AFTER I built a ton of immortals for my buddy. I don't think i had a single one of those things go together flush.

  2. You are a glutton for punishment but I'm sure this will be finished to your usual exacting standards.

  3. yeah, where's the copy and paste feature in this hobby? Haven't I already been to this dance?