Monday, May 11, 2015

WIP: Alphas: Shoulder Pads Arrived!

Well it's taken a while, but I've finally gotten my shoulder pads in and I'm ready to start moving toward the home stretch on these Alphas. If only I could string a few minutes together to get some painting done.

I ordered two sets of Shoulder Pads from Forge World a month or two ago.  They arrived promptly. Since then...they've been stuff. Anyway, I've now got the parts I need to finish this squad up, and that's exciting.

Time has been a consistent issue for the last few weeks, but now I've added another problem to my list. My LED work lamp, less than 6 months old, has started flickering like mad, and it's gotten so bad I just can't paint with it on. I've ordered a new one from Amazon that's got 1500 good reviews, so fingers crossed.  Just in case though- anyone recommend a good one (US plug please) that they like using?



  1. Self Plug!

    I have a bunch of blogger recommendations on lights here deet if you want to parose what different bloggers are using.

    I use the tri-light myself. It's a bit expensive, but has been nice. I had one of the lights have an issue about a month in, but just sourced a replacement off for about 8 bucks.

  2. Looking forward to battling these Alphas!